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The Latest- WIRED UK

August 10, 2012


This one is for Wired UK‘s ‘How To’ section, namely how to dress for everyday cycling in English weather. The main message was that with the right choice of clothes the A-to-B cyclist can stay comfortable without the extreme kitting-out of the hardcore rider. My approach was to push that comparison/contrast a little further towards the absurd by borrowing the gear-burdened characters from my ‘Shooter and Stopper’ drawings, and to reinforce it with a simple hot-cool color palette.

This will be the first of my illustrations to be animated. I drew out these characters separately and overlapped them, so that Wired’s iPad team could animate each one independently. I have yet to see the result for myself but will share when I do.

Thanks to AD Ben Fraser for this one. Below is a sketch showing one other way the composition could have gone.


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  1. August 10, 2012 1:58 pm

    love it. especially the casual mans expression.

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