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Breaking The Surface

September 9, 2011

©2011 Peter Diamond

It’s been a little while since I drew something for Michael Kimber at Colony Of Losers. The first few images I made for him drew from the frenetic energy and nearly desperate inspiration present in his writing on his daily battle with anxiety and insomnia. I took full advantage of the free creative reign he gave me to make pretty far-out interpretive images to accompany his stories.

Since that time Michael has in large part overcome his struggles, and his writing took on an accordingly different tone. More considered and deliberate, and more centered on the wider public issues of mental illness in general. He seemed to have broken through from his past frame of reference.

This image focuses on that change, presenting a visual metaphor for the way ideas and even personalities can change with exposure or a change of environment. In this case I felt that the more exposure Michael’s story was receiving and the more his environment stabilized, the more his writing – which had been quite molten at the outset – became tempered and solidified.

Interestingly, Michael actually wrote the piece which this illustration accompanies partly in response to the image itself. We had talked a little bit about where I was coming from with the piece and it seems to have resonated with his feelings at the time. It’s interesting to note how the style of the piece shows a bit of a return to his earlier voice while still clearly coming from a different place further along in life than where he started.


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