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The Latest: Plansponsor, Chômu Press

August 23, 2011
©2011 Peter Diamond

©2011 Peter Diamond

I was very pleased to work with AD SooJin Buzelli for the August issue of Plansponsor magazine. Plansponsor‘s content is very dry financial stuff, incomprehensible to most of us, and SooJin does a great job getting great work out of illustrators by using very simple briefs for the complicated subject matter.

In this case the article had to do with the impact of aging on retirement income, and the brief was simply ‘a beautiful image of someone getting old’. Had I attempted to illustrate retirement income I don’t doubt something very forced and probably painfully corny would have come out of it, this way I was able to really get in to the image.


©2011 Peter Diamond

©2011 Peter Diamond

Also on the table this past month was a book cover for a relatively new independent publisher Chômu Press. I had never done a book cover before, and I haven’t been asked to draw in a horror vein for quite some time (though I used to do it fairly often for CD covers) so this was a fun project.

The book is The Orphan Palace by Joe Pulver, an occult  psychedelic horror tale in which the main character is possessed by an obsessive pyromania and scarred by childhood memories of electroshock torture. The idea I worked with here was to portray the character’s inner devil that drives him to arson and murder, and work in a few of the things referenced in the text like the noir paperbacks he gathers along his way, Anubis’ jackals, and of course the houses he burns as he goes. AD Anil Nataly also added another touch, placing a small rat in amongst the title lettering on the front cover. A rat becomes an important character in the story.

Below are the mock-ups of the paperback with and without lettering. The book will be released in p-o-d paperback and e-book. I think this very well may be the way of the future for small press, so that was another interesting facet of this job.

My description certainly doesn’t do justice to all that’s going on in the book, so if you want to know more and especially if you’re a fan of horror and weird fiction, I suggest you check out the details in the above links.

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  1. September 6, 2011 2:17 am

    Wow, this piece looks gorgeous wrapped around on the binding!

  2. October 4, 2011 4:58 am

    cool work! it’s really nicely designed for the front/ spine/ back. i’m assuming that’s a mock-up, but it would be pretty awesome if it was image-only like it appears


  1. Peter Diamond – Peter Diamond, new work for Plansponsor | Illustration and Art News for Illustrators and Artists

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