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Prints Now Available at Thumbtack Press

July 25, 2011

I’m happy to announce that I have prints available for sale at last. I had been looking for a way to meet the requests I’ve had for prints in a higher-quality, more reliable and flexible manner than I would be able to making and selling the prints myself. Enter Thumbtack Press.

Thumbtack Press, which had already been an excellent and popular online source for quality art prints for some years, came under new ownership this year and has just this past week relaunched with a new structure and design. There are expanded customer options now, including the ability to preview how a given piece might look on your wall, either with Thumbtack’s stock room photos or by uploading your own. There is also a full range of framing and matting available, and searches by artist, genre, keyword and color.

I encourage everyone to drop by and have a look, and I welcome any suggestions if there are pieces of mine you don’t see which you’d like to be available in my Thumbtack store.

Visit Thumbtack

using the Virtual Room to preview a large framed print above the kitchen sink

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