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Tuesday Chestnut

May 25, 2011

©2011 Peter Diamond

Each tree is as unique as each human, with its own character and singular shape. When drawing trees, it’s all too common that we lose sight of this and draw generic shapes, almost symbols of trees rather than individual, believable trees. Eyes and hands are likewise things that often escape closer attention in drawing.

With this in mind, and wanting to get back to some raw drawing amidst all the project-and-commission-driven work, I took the time yesterday morning to visit one of Vienna’s many beautiful parks and draw a venerable old chestnut tree. I focused on this tree’s particular lean, its proportions and the distribution of its leaves. Notable at first glance is the way the foliage is much heavier on one side – next to it on the other side was another chestnut, and it seems to have chosen to spread its leaves to the open side rather than compete with its neighbour for sunlight.

In the end my attention to detail was concerned with the tree’s character and form, and I’ve taken liberties with the leaf forms and the color.

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