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MMA Love Story

February 21, 2011

©2011 Peter Diamond

My brother, Owen Diamond, wrote a short story for this week’s Valentine’s edition of The Drabblecast, a speculative fiction podcast specializing in weird tales and 100-word stories called ‘drabbles’. Owen’s story Mixed Martial Hearts was such a drabble, a first-person narrative of an MMA fighter resolving to reveal his feelings for the man he loves. Right after he finishes beating him to within an inch of his life.

“I’ll tell him how I feel when I visit him in the hospital” he thinks. And later “While breaking his eye socket, I wonder what kind of flowers he might like.”

Owen originally envisioned a typical MMA poster image, in which the two fighters flex an arm or stand face-to-face with fists  up, worked so that the arms would make a heart shape. As I worked out the sketches it became clear that the best way to make that work without abstracting the shapes too far was to have them grappling, and with their hands at each other’s throats it came together well.

Which is the man in love?

©2011 Peter Diamond

You can hear the story here, it’s three or four minutes in to the episode after the very, very bizarre intros, and the illustration appears with it.

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